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      Under 2’s

      At Little’Uns  the under 2’s are split into 2 rooms, these being Daisies for the younger ones and Buttercups.

      There are also many times during the day children get to mix and partake in activities together.

      As research suggests, in the process of caring for and educating young children, no time is too soon to begin. Even from birth children are already competent learners with a rich experience from which to build.

      All aspects of our curriculum celebrate the skill and competence of babies and young children and highlight the interrelationship between growth, learning, development and the environment in which they are cared for and educated. Plenty of love and cuddles are top priority and your baby can be sure of lots of individual as well as group interaction.

      We aim to give your child a variety of stimulating activities according to their age and stage of development. Planning is carried out in order to meet the standards for learning and development set out in the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ framework. Activities and toys are changed on a daily basis. Toys are provided on a continuous basis allowing children to access a range of musical toys, activity toys, craft activities, water play, sand play and messy play. These activities can be messy, one of the reasons we ask you to provide a change of clothes!

      Continuous provision promotes self-esteem and allows children to lead play actively and develop their own interests.

      In ‘Daisies’ we complete a daily diary each day. This gives details of your child’s feeds, nappy changes and activities throughout their day. If parents have any information to pass on to staff i.e. if your child has not slept well or is teething maybe, you can jot all this down in the diary.

      If your child is bottle feeding you may either send in bottles of formula daily or provide the nursery with bottles and a tin of their formula and the staff will make these up for you.

      Meal times are social times, which enrich language development.

      Babies are offered meals to suit their individual needs. The nursery offers a full weaning menu over the stages of weaning and this follows a 2 weekly rota. Copies of this are available upon request. At around 4 months, when babies are ready to be weaned, we introduce ‘first tastes’-with pureed fresh fruit and vegetables. During a gradual progression to wholesome blended baby meals, babies are introduced to different foods and flavours. Lumpier foods are then introduced in preparation for the next stage. At meal times as children develop their independence they are encouraged to feed themselves, drink from a beaker and sit at the especially low tables instead of a highchair.

      Rest times: when babies need to rest this is again carried out carried to their individual needs and parents’ wishes. We have cots, soft beds, rocker chairs and pushchairs from which to choose. All children have their own bedding and listen to soft sounds or gentle music as they drift off to sleep.


      Sensory activities are on offer so that children can learn through the power of touch and their senses, to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world, whilst exploring their emotions. Staff encourage children to participate and offer reassurance and comfort in new situations.


      By using role-play and dressing up, children learn more about the world. They develop new vocabulary and social acceptance and understanding of other backgrounds and cultures and develop life skills for the future. They can experiment in an adult world by exploring familiar scenes and develop relationships with other children.




      As your child gains confidence with walking, running and independence it is usually time for the next stage. In Buttercups everything is a little larger- tables, chairs, toys and equipment. Equipment is all at child level for self-selection and child initiated play. Activities are planned carefully to encourage development, new skills and confidence.

      As every parent of a rising 2 year old is aware they have very clear ideas of what they do and do not want. Every opportunity is given for your child to make their own decisions and choices that will help develop their own personality. At this stage the children will be encouraged to share and to interact with each other as well as with the adults.

      Buttercups also spend part of their day mixing with Daisies, this is predominantly over the lunchtime/midday period. This enables the children to have a rest according to their individual needs or mix with the younger ones of the under 2’s unit, which aids in their development for caring for others and develops their sharing skills.

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