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      Sunflowers are our 2-3 year age group. Their area of the nursery is split into three, this being their ‘base’ room, an ‘arts and crafts’ room and the nursery garden. A ‘free-flow’ system operates, giving the children the opportunity to explore all activities on offer; this also encourages them to make their own decisions and choices. The staff follow the children’s lead, and deploy themselves appropriately during the session. Many activities on offer are also to encourage understanding others and their ability to turn take and share. All activities are planned following the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ framework. Their day is planned to encourage development, new skills and confidence, as far as the children are concerned it’s all great fun. Planning is clearly displayed in the rooms for all to see and we encourage parents input for ideas or areas they wish their child to develop.

      Potty/toilet training. Learning to use the toilet is a big event in your child’s life and at Little’Uns’s we will work alongside you and support you during this process. We have low level toilets and potties available and will liaise with you as to your preferences, some children take straight to the toilet and others are happy to use a potty for the first stages. We will give you a good feedback as to how things are going and will change your child when accidents occur with dignity and respect. Children are never reprimanded for having a toilet accident and we also have many reward systems in place that we can share to use at home to encourage and praise their achievements.

      A little poem that may not solve any problems, but it may make you laugh!!

      I’ve Got To Go!

      Mummy always tells me to warn her in advance.

      When I get the feeling I’m going to mess my pants.

      So I tell her I have something I think she needs to know

      She listens as I tell her, in a voice quiet and low.

      She smiles as she asks me how soon I’ll need to go.

      I look up and I tell her “about five minutes ago!!”


      Sunflowers like other areas of the nursery offers a very much tactile, ‘touchy feely’ experience, ranging from activities involving ‘play dough’ and baking, to play with cold and cooked spaghetti to sand and water. These activities may be messy and although children wear aprons, accidents do happen. Please be aware of this when dressing your child for nursery. Activities organised will promote good hand and eye co-ordination which involve using a pencil correctly, helping them get ready for ‘Poppies’ DID YOU KNOW? Using chalk, crayons, pencils, paints and other mediums with many different types of paper, envelopes and card, children can learn to mark make. This can be extended into role-play and they learn the benefits of writing for a purpose by becoming secretaries, postmen, waiters or police officers. They learn to express their thoughts and record their experiences.

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